从事规划、建筑与室内设计工作十五余年。师从汤桦、戴志中、张鹏举,曾在多家明星事务所工作学习,并参与过多年的商业地产类项目以及古建筑设计研究。包括CAG,CMCU ADD。多次参与各类开发项目及公共建筑设计,2013年由于工作原因在成都工作学习两年古建筑设计方法,出于兴趣,对各类与创意设计有关的工作都有自己的想法和方式。2015年,与好友Asif共同创立a9a建筑设计事务所,努力尝试一切可以设计的新鲜事物,坚持“自然设计就是寻求力量的表达”的原则,先后完成了各种尺度的文化类项目。成立a9a建筑设计事务所后,合伙人Asif为工作室拓展国际建筑视野,结合虚拟现实VR、AR等领域探索。2018年工作重心转移到国际层面。未来工作室会关注理论研究创新的同时,将在地性与空间概念相结合,将更好的设计回馈社会,为改变环境而继续战斗。

Jio Li
Jio Li has been engaged in planning, architecture and interior design for more than fifteen years. Under the tutelage of Hua Tang, Zhizhong Dai and Pengju Zhang, he has worked and studied in many star firms and participated in commercial real estate projects and ancient architecture design research for many years, including CAG, CMCU ADD. He has participated in various real development projects and public building design for many times. In 2013, he worked and studied ancient architecture design methods in Chengdu for two years due to work reasons. Out of interest, he has his own ideas and ways for all kinds of work related to creative design. In 2015, he co-founded a9a Architects with his friend Asif, and tried to design all new things. Adhering to the principle of design creativity and combining with the principle of \\\"natural attributes are the invariable design language\\\", he has successively completed cultural projects of various scales. After the establishment of a9a, partner Asif expanded the studio\\\'s international architectural vision. In 2018, the focus shifted to the international level. In the future, while focusing on theoretical research and innovation, the studio will combine the concept of place and space, give better design back to the society, and continue to fight for changing the environment.