Cafe · G1 | 萃坊 华兴街店

项目地点: 中国/成都






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Cafe · G1 | Still Fun Huaxing Street

City: china/chengdu
Type:Commercial,Interior design

The shop is located in chunyangguan street, where the Chunyang market project is located. It is located in the middle of huaxingzheng street and zitongqiao West Street. It is a key node connecting market life and tourist attractions. The surrounding environment has a feeling of old street and high-rise buildings. The street is full of vitality of old and new. In the reinforced concrete city, the architectural space form is like a square box.

Shell is the soul of the whole space. The design logic of the whole space is to design a shell in the original square space, and then cut the shell. The rear space forms a private box.

On the left and right sides are the crevices between the shell and the original square. These spaces are used as wine cabinets. The curves bring people strange packages and security. This kind of package makes it easier for people to immerse themselves in the atmosphere, and the customer experience will become very unique. We hope that this kind of space will become a shelter for modern people in the reinforced concrete forest.

In the reinforced concrete city, we dug out a cave. The cave is the first dwelling place for human beings. The sense of wrapping and security can make people breathe in the mechanized life.

For the selection of cave materials, we chose rust red, which reflects a metallic feeling. The mottled places have a special charm, just like a piece of ice into a glass of whisky, light refracts in liquid and solid. This phenomenon is very charming.

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