项目地点: 郑州
面积:4258.51㎡(The Ground Floor Area)



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Zhengzhou PULO Ideal Land Market

City: Zhengzhou
Area:4258.51㎡(The Ground Floor Area)
Type:Commercial,Architectural design

PULO Ideal Land Market is located in a new community in Zhengzhou International Cultural and Creative Industry Park, faces to the central park in the west, high-end residential complexes of the east, and other businesses in community 2nd area in the north and south, covering an area of about 5,000 square meters.

In this project, we hope to depict the "vitality" of people's life experience in this new community market.

The volume is divided into two large L-shaped layouts by an axis of the character "Z", which connects the main entrances and exits on both sides and forms a core inner street courtyard of the project. At the same time, in order to weaken the sense of volume of the building, the volume is subdivided into three main functional blocks, forming an open and distributed commercial block.

Whether it is the glass roof of Benjamin's "arcade" in Paris, or the light steel roof of the farmers' market that has been seen everywhere in Chinese cities in the past two or three decades, they all form the mental picture of "market" in people's minds. Therefore, in terms of architectural form, we choose the single slope roof supported by columns, double slope roof and flat roof form of "quasi-shed" form and dialogue with it. In the market, the various vegetables, fruits and fresh aquatic products piled up on the stalls and the row upon row of peddlers constitute the core of vitality sale style. In the design, we put different forms of modular "boxes" to translate them in the new market space.

The carefully combed floor height can meet the needs of different business forms to create a more comfortable space for the interior, which also makes the skyline from high-rise residences to the park more naturally stretched. The large platform on the second floor also allows people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Central Park better.

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