项目地点: 立陶宛 / 陶拉斯山

我们的设计策略始于了解项目地点重要的历史背景及其对开发周边地区的潜在未来设计要求。 Tauras Hill地理位置沿革悠久。 TaurasHill最初原本打算作为民族文化中心的国民之家,而后随着城市发展成为工会文化之家,Tauras Hill见证了这座城市的发展。 我们希望我们的设计尊重城市历史上如此重要文化景点的特殊性,同时又为当地社区服务。 在我们的设计中,我们一直谨慎考虑项目地理位置的正当性,以确保将来的开发可以在保持其历史意义的痕迹与推动城市前进之间找到平衡。

我们的建筑概念包括两个弯曲的,不对称的结构,它们像高山或丘陵一样突出到天空中,仿佛从它们所处的地形中生长出来。 一个结构容纳主要音乐厅,其他结构容纳公共及社区空间。 穿过玻璃立面的木支柱看起来就像是多年环境侵蚀的产物。分层的木纹效果增加了我们力求达到的山墙外观效果,但也使参观者可以窥见音乐厅内的一切。木质材料的选择也不是偶然的,它塑造了周围公园的自然感觉,并且反射出阳光下灿烂的琥珀色,这是体现立陶宛文化力量的另一种元素。

The smaller of the Concert Halls is shaped in a traditional Theatre format and also contains seating on multiple levels – the access of which is done via the same stairways ways and elevators leading to the Main concert Hall upper levels.

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National Concert Hall of Lithuania

City: Lithuania / Tauras Hill
Type:Culture,Architectural design

Design StrategyContext – A look into History
Our design strategy began with understanding the important historical context of the proposed location as well as its potential future design requirements for developing the surrounding area. Tauras Hill as a location has a long history. Having initially been intended for the Nation’s House as acentre of national culture, followed by the development of the Trade Unions Culture House, Tauras Hill has literally seen the city develop. We wanted our design to honour the significance of such an important cultural spot in the history of the city but at the same time serve the local community. In our designs, we have been careful to respect the integrity of the location to make sure that future developments can find the balance between maintaining traces of its historical significance as well as moving the city forward.

Our Architectural concept includes two curvaceous, asymmetrical structures that jut up into the sky just like a mountain or a hill, seemingly growing from the terrain on which they lie. One structure housing the main Concert Hall, the other housing public, community spaces. Ridged struts of wood across the glass façade are intended to look as though they are the product of years of environment erosion. The layered wood effect adding to the mountain façade effect we seek to achieve, but also providing glimpses of what lies within the Concert Hall. The choice of wood material was also not accidental, molding into the natural feeling of the surrounding park, but also reflecting a glorious amber colour in the sun, another element designed to embody the cultural strength of Lithuania.


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