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达州升华广场由四栋塔楼和综合体组成,升华广场总建筑面积约45万平米,其中,商业31万平米,住宅14万平米。综合体共计10层,其中地下3层,地上7层,负1层为生活超市,负2层和负3层为停车场,1层至7层均为吃、喝、玩儿 乐 购一站式商业新中心。为达州乃至川东地区商业开发标杆。设计内容包含整体建筑改造、景观设计、室内设计。



整个空间的设计手法以干净整洁为主,形体上多采用流畅简洁的曲面为造型语言。以弧形去引导人流,切割空间,划分感知属性。着力来强调空间线条的大气舒展。以灯带, 灯片, 勾缝线槽来塑造形体. 丰富了装饰设计元素的同时, 也能给顾客视觉引导和购物动线引导。在配色上,以白色为大面积背景, 加之少的木色来调节过冷的白色,局部深色压边


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Type:Commercial,Interior design

Dazhou Sublimation Square is composed of four towers and complex. Its total floor area is about 450,000 square meters, of which 310,000 square meters are commercial and 140,000 square meters are residential. There are 10 floors in the complex, including 3 floors underground, 7 floors above ground, 1 floor for life supermarket, 2 floors and 3 floors for parking lot, and 1 to 7 floors for eating, drinking, playing Tesco one-stop business center. It is a benchmark for commercial development in Dazhou and even Eastern Sichuan. The design content includes the whole building transformation, landscape design and interior design.

Three key words: "future, nature, fresh".

In the background of old buildings, the whole building is linearly linked to enhance the activity of the building dynamic line, enhance the interest of space, and create a natural/flowing/living architectural experience.

The design method of the whole space is clean and tidy, and the smooth and concise surface is mostly used as the modeling language. The arc is used to guide the flow of people, cut the space and divide the perceptual attributes. Emphasize the atmospheric stretching of space lines. The shape is shaped by lamp belt, lamp piece and sewing groove. It enriches the decorative design elements, and at the same time, it can also give customers visual guidance and shopping line guidance. In color matching, white is used as a large area background, and a small amount of wood color is used to adjust the supercooled white and local dark blank holder.

Rest area: semi-enclosed form, with exquisite landscape devices, seats and other attracting people to stop and watch, through some interesting and novel hanging devices to create the node atmosphere.

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