项目地点: 中国 / 成都

HIDEOUT COFE位于成都武侯区董家湾南街,占据社区良好的商业位置。通过对项目地段交通、公共空间、文化、业态的分析后,建筑师希望通过文化与商业融合渐渐将成都休闲文化融入商铺的空间尺度之中,重新赋予街区商业以有亲和力的近人尺度,尽量避免5.4米层高带给商业空间缺乏交流的氛围,摒弃一贯咖啡店给人的印象,如:欧美厚重的色调和昏暗的大面积工业风格。





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Type:Commercial,Interior design

Design Description: The owner of the case just returned from a study in Melbourne, is a girl originally from Chengdu. At the first met, we talked about a lot about hand-brewing coffee and coffee culture. On the site, owners clearly describe requirementsof material and details, emphasizing the concrete tone and design details within.
HIDEOUT COFE is located in Dongjiawan Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu, in good commercial location. After analyzing the traffic, public space, culture and format of the project, the architect hopes to integrate the leisure culture into the space scale of the shops gradually through cultural and business integration, and re-give the neighborhood business with the affinity close to human scale. To avoid the 5.4-meter-storey commercial space to bring the lack of communication atmosphere, we are adding the impression of typical coffee shops, such as in: Europe and the United States with the dark tone and ​​industrial style.

The concept of sharing space, in fact comes from internet, with a quarter of the surface area as an outdoor area is not only does have more outdoor space, but also have more usage form life activities, social area becomes an leisure area, the space become more of a social place, avoiding the typical mistake of commercial projects

Outside the area with local Huangzhu two weaves and four nodes, each fixed, increasing the leisure form but also infiltrating the unique culture of Chengdu. Between nodes with chandeliers dotted, in the night, the outer area transforms completely.

The internal and external spaces are separated by a slidable glass track door spanning eight meters. The height of the glass is limited to 1.7 meters. The purpose is to reduce the space scale and to bring the human scale closer. The steel beams on the glass are connected by L-shaped extensions to the entrance of the right side of the bar, so also for the bar seat position have a suitable height of view.

Within the layout of the relationship between the area is simple and clear, the entrance side for the long table and bar stool area. The middle of the bar, as well as the bar to the second floor of the loft is a private space, mainly for owners and staff as a coffee studio to use, accessible only through the bar under the movable ladder. Located at the end of the overall space, the main part is kitchen and bathroom with a laminated storage room.

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