兴隆湖 - 书院桥廊

项目地点: 中国 / 成都




我们想要被书环绕,书是我们可以触摸到,我们可以使用,我们可以阅读的。所以它们都被安放在了高度不超过1.5米的书架上。 一侧墙有50米长的书架,人们挑选阅读的同时可以瞥见窗外湖面的景色。在另一侧的阶梯上上人们或坐或躺,在书的环绕中享受他们的阅读时光。两侧墙的上半部分全部留白,服务于投影仪设备,人们能够在任意位置展示他/她们的想法。


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Type:Culture,Architectural design

people are just passing ...

the idea is coming from the random and improvised markets creates along Asia. A dense line where a lot of people are passing by and slowly, more and more sellers are placing their products on the floor in a blanket or small vehicles. something very primitive, logical and unplanned.

sometimes the line is a small street or a bridge, more sophisticated sometimes, like veccio brigde in italy or the bridge in chengdu ... but the idea is based on the same criteria.

we want to offer a interesting path, create a link between 2 landscapes that provides a special experience making people to feel the need of crossing, passing by or just staying and relax.

I want to be surrounded by books, but books that i can touch, use and read. all the books are displayed on shelves not higher than 1.5m accessible to everyone. in one side a wall made of shelves 50m long provide with books and landscape view to the water. in the other side, a step ramp creates a playground where to sit or lay down while reading in a mountain of books. the main idea is too offer some video experience as an complement. the upper part of the tunnel of books is made of bare walls, white plane surface for visual projections.

The bridge . near the water, no shelter. couple of long benches go along the bridge offering a place to sit and read or having a nap with the feet under the water.

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