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Type:Commercial,Interior design

The project is located in the retail area adjacent to the square in Linqi City, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City. The original construction is basically completed. The current situation is modern architectural style. The east side of the commercial building is the commercial side and the urban main road is planned as a commercial pedestrian street and landscape greening. For custom-made lobby and custom-made rooms.

Lobbyarea, a large area of floor-to-ceiling glass gives more echoes inside andoutside the room. We introduce light and scene into the room to enhance thesense of visual transparency. In order to get rid of the humdrum and give theoccupants a place to rest and wait, we combine the water bar, the rest area andthe reception hall. In order to reduce the cutting problem of the firestaircase to the space, we connect the lights, materials and body blocks of differentareas to strengthen the continuity of the space.

In the design, we take people as the center,thinking about how to build a more secure space. We attach importance to therelationship between people in space, so that people have more face-to-faceopportunities. Because we believe that sincere feelings are built face to face.

Inthe end, we focused on the center of the room, the "bed" which is fullof variability. In our design, this special bed, can be used as a desk, andalso can be a sofa, such a "de-furniture" design concept has beenformed.

One side of the bed becomes a writing desk, breaking the generallayout, so that we can see the scene of the house, not the cold walls.Even atwork, you can have a kind of communication with people who love each other.

Inorder to unify the design elements, all rooms take the "bed" as thedesign origin and extend to other functional layouts. In space, a large area ofglass partition makes the space transparent and reduces the barrier feeling ofthe wall. The raising area not only increases the hierarchy of the space, butalso distinguishes the different regional functions. The design of the lightingis not only to provide basic lighting needs for the space, but also to connectdifferent spatial blocks to make the room rich. Different colors of terrazzo,let the space be slightly differentiated in nature. The room on the fourthfloor has a larger terrace, the use of large floor glass ensure the indoor lighting,and the design comes with a retractable rain shed so that guests can enjoytheir afternoon leisure time more fully.

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