麓湖 A6 公寓概念設計

项目地点: 中國/成都



利用一个简单的坡道全重新构建空间关系,利用现有的4米层高,把空间局部分割为1层与1.5层,并把1.5层留给了死飞,让自己的爱好不受限于室内,坡道的存在很好的让死飞的使用不在受限于室内空间。入户的地方,我们根据空间东西把生活中所需的基础功能,1层空间保留了生活的基本需求,功能的使用不在受传统的分区的限制,使用方法上更多的可变性与自由度 关于1.5五层的使用,我们希望它是一个更加简单纯粹的空间,放下外面的浮躁不安,感受内心带着激情去生活,用暗藏式的方式集中处理,形成一个整体体块。减少繁杂的生活需求的同时,保留必要的功能。生活的配套区域被整合在了一区域里面,让空间中的坡道曲线感更加纯粹,避免被不必要的所打扰

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Luxe Lakes A6 Apartment Concept Design

Type:Residence,Interior design

This project is a joint project of Chengdu Yizhu studio and LuXe Lakes. Five experimental designers are invited to discuss the conceptual design column of "Urban New Thinkers" for the future of living space and commercial space. As one of the design teams, we designed the future life of Stan, the target owner of our cooperation, which is also a Fixed- Gear player.

Living space is filled with our messy living needs and excessive material desires. How to combine life with simple hobbies is our important focus this time. Fixie bike is a niche street sport, we are thinking about how to connect it with our home.

We used a simple ramp to completely rebuild the spatial relationship, using the existing 4 meter height, the space is partially divided into 1 floor and 1.5 floor, and left the 1.5 floor to fixie bike, so that your hobby is not limited to indoor, the existence of the ramp makes the use of fixie bike not limited to indoor space。At the entrance, we centralize the basic functions needed in life in a hidden way according to the space, forming a whole block. Reduce the complexity of life,The first floor space retains the basic needs of life. The use of functions is not restricted by the traditional partition, and there is more variability and freedom in the use method. About 1.5 the use of five layers, we hope it is a more simple and pure space, put down the outside of impetuous, feel the heart with a passion to life, while retaining the necessary functions,The living supporting area is integrated into one area, making the sense of ramp curve in the space more pure and avoiding unnecessary disturbance

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